1. the downside to looking through old comics… unearthing this shit


  2. Here’s a good thing to do when you’re being too hard on yourself. pick out your favorite panels from every comic you’ve made and arrange them chronologically. you can see how you’ve improved and also that your old stuff isn’t as bad as you thought. this is especially good for folks who are worried about having a “consistent style.” and it’ll motivate you to make more!!




  5. This is what i’m talkin about - some of the best bands/people I know, a day after my last shift and a day before I get the fuck out of town indefinitely to shred the USA. Let’s go insane


  6. ok, but seriously, I’m losing my fucken mind


  7. Anonymous said: Don't color it, just sprinkle some pussy juice on it in a visceral diagonal line.

    Yes, great idea sunglasses computer man. how did I never think of that. just rub my vagina all over the fucking thing


  8. This is the beginning of a poster that I abandoned because i don’t know how to color and i hate myself


  9. goofy album cover


  10. sexy and horrible