1. thinking of deleting this and starting anew



  2. Anonymous said: How do you feel about GG Allin's acoustic country songs?

    I don’t like anything about GG


  3. dwnthwtr said: hey you rool ! any tips for new a dog in the comic game??

    hi dwnthwtr thanks for tunin in. the main things that keep me going are:

    1. look at a lot of shit all the time
    2. look at non comics stuff for inspiration too
    3. draw everyday - both stream of consciousness type sketching, and straight up copying artists you like to learn from them
    4. remember there is no “GOOD.” you should always experiment and try to improve, but don’t get fixated on some bullshit standard or having a “style.”

    having fun is the most important - it’s just fucking comics


  4. my piece for the next issue of Matt Crabe’s Tenderness!


  5. my final resting place


  6. Anonymous said: Like...why no frenulum?

    is this a jab at my very poor understanding of human anatomy? I’ve taken life drawing, man. but of course I was constantly high and drew everyone as Alf.


  7. the downside to looking through old comics… unearthing this shit


  8. Here’s a good thing to do when you’re being too hard on yourself. pick out your favorite panels from every comic you’ve made and arrange them chronologically. you can see how you’ve improved and also that your old stuff isn’t as bad as you thought. this is especially good for folks who are worried about having a “consistent style.” and it’ll motivate you to make more!!