1. this sociology textbook is so extreme


  2. rude-comics:

    I’m drawing every book in the Rude Store as part of a “CHECK OUT THESE OTHER TITLES” page in an upcoming anthology (more on that later). These ones are books by Maren Karlson and Lale Westvind. It’s been a really fun way to learn from my favorite artists and procrastinate on more crucial tasks………………





    Here is my room currently… I am “living” here but i’m not “really living here” so I gotta keep it like this so the landlord thinks it’s just a hunk o junk, and I can hide like a rat. This on top of starting a new school term, workin da graveyard, having bronchitis, trying not to drink and smoke should make an interesting month for me….

    That being said, a) I’m fuckin chillin and b) orders will not be shipped out as promptly as I like them to be because I can apparently only live like a cartoon character/human garbage, but the Rude Store will remain open and I will still be keepin up with “SUPPLY AND DEMAND” “PROFIT MARGINS” and “REGIONAL SALES”

    I’m steadily chuggin along with some new bunk too because CAKE is around the corner, one is definitely an anthology (yahoo!!!!) and the other might be a collection of strips and sketchbook baloney if I can make myself want to do it. And that shit with the chickens and cars and Linda should be out soon too I think, dunno when Free Comic Day is.

    Thank you always for your support and your e-likes to keep up my spirits my friends, vaya con dios


  6. The Sheriff on human flesh !!!! people are freaks!